The future of the marine carbon cycle is vitally important for climate and the fertility of the oceans. However, predictions of future …

Spatially distant sources of neodymium (Nd) to the ocean that carry different isotopic signatures (εNd) have been shown to trace out …

We develop novel locally defined diagnostics for the efficiency of the ocean’s biological pump by tracing carbon throughout its …

We explore how the iron dependence of the Si:P uptake ratio RSi:P of diatoms controls the response of the global silicon cycle and …

Iron fertilization is explored by tracking dissolved iron (DFe) through its life cycle from injection by aeolian, sedimentary, and …

The ocean’s nutrient cycles are important for the carbon balance of the climate system and for shaping the ocean’s …

We use tracers to partition dissolved iron (dFe) into the contributions from each source within a numerical model of the iron cycle …

We systematically quantify the pathways and time scales that set the efficiency, Ebio, of the global biological pump by applying …



Ocean Grids

OceanGrids.jl: Ocean grids for AIBECS.


The ideal tool for exploring global marine biogeochemical cycles.

Dual Matrix Tools

DualMatrixTools.jl: A Julia package for solving dual-valued linear systems.

F-1 Method

A simple, accurate, and fast AD tool for computing the Hessian of an objective function defined implictly by a system of PDEs.

World Ocean Atlas Tools

WorldOceanAtlasTools.jl: A Julia package for data from the World Ocean Atlas.

Hyper Dual Matrix Tools

HyperDualMatrixTools.jl: A Julia package for solving hyperdual-valued linear systems.


Inpaintings.jl: A Julia package to inpaint missing data.


Progress in global marine biogeochemistry increasingly relies on models. In general, converting conceptual mechanisms into useful …

Introducing a Julia package to efficiently differentiate an objective function defined implicitly by the solution of a large PDE …

Running standard global marine biogeochemistry models comes with large computational costs and with a steep learning curve. The …

One of the most successful tools made available to oceanographers recently is the Ocean Data View (ODV) software, used “for the …

A key question about the iron cycle is how much export is supported by the different iron sources (aeolian, sedimentary, and …

We construct a mechanistic inverse model of the ocean’s coupled phosphorus, silicon, and iron cycles and analyze the response of …

“FePSi” is the first data-constrained mechanistic inverse model coupling the iron (Fe), phosphorus (P), and silicon (Si) …

We construct a data-constrained mechanistic inverse model of the ocean’s coupled phosphorus and iron cycles. The nutrient cycling …

We quantify the timescales and pathways that set the efficiency of the biological pump (the fraction of the phosphate inventory that is …

We construct a data-constrained model of the ocean’s coupled macronutrient and micronutrient cycles. The model focuses initially …

Nutrient transport and biological teleconnections of Ocean surface regions are diagnosed in a data-assimilated circulation model …



Research Associate

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales

Oct 2021 – Present Sydney, NSW, Australia
Studying the biological pump in a changing climate with Mark Holzer.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California

Sep 2019 – Oct 2021 Los Angeles, California, USA
Modelling global marine cycles of trace metals and their isotopes with Seth John.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Department of Earth System Science, University of California, Irvine

Sep 2017 – Sep 2019 Irvine, California, USA
Working on improving global biogeochemistry models with J. Keith Moore and François Primeau.

Casual Research Assistant

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales

Sep 2017 – Mar 2017 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Continuing PhD work with Mark Holzer.

Mathematics Tutor

School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of New South Wales

Dec 2016 – Jun 2016 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Numerical Methods and Statistics, 2nd year.

Proposal Engineer

Degrémont, Suez Environnement

Aug 2012 – May 2011 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Managed tendering projects for Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation contracts. Participated in business development, liaising with potential clients, advertising on company capabilities.

FOREX Trader Assistant

Société Générale Investment Banking

Jul 2008 – Jun 2009 Paris, France
MASEF Internship, researched new detection and calculation techniques for high frequency data used in automated arbitrage. In particular, developed real-time, unbiased stochastic moments calculation algorithms.

Mathematics Research Intern

École Polytechnique

Apr 2007 – Jul 2007 Palaiseau, France
École Polytechnique Specialty (Mathematics) Internship at the Laurent Schwartz Mathematics Center under the direction of Jean Lannes. Calculated the Witt ring of quadratic forms defined on number fields, on the field of p-adic numbers, and on Dedekind rings such as the integers.

IT Intern

Bioforce Institute

Sep 2004 – Feb 2005 Lyon, France
The Bioforce institue provides training and careers advice in aid programmes and logistics. Developed an Access database to improve communication and management.