World Ocean Atlas Tools

WorldOceanAtlasTools.jl was developed for the purpose of downloading and using data from the World Ocean Atlas (WOA) database to be used by the AIBECS.jl package. The more generic ambition is for WorldOceanAtlasTools.jl to provide an API that can fetch data from this list of WOA data sets and products (located on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wesbite) and fit it to any model’s grid.

This is a work in progress, therefore PRs, suggestions, and generally help are, of course, more than welcome!

WorldOceanAtlasTools.jl essentially defines the nomenclature and URLs used by the WOA and then relies on the DataDeps.jl package developed by White et al. (2018) to download the corresponding NetCDF files. (NetCDF files are read using the NCDatasets.jl package.)

In order to facilitate the use of WOA data in AIBECS.jl, the WorldOceanAtlasTools.jl package can use a grid from the OceanGrids.jl package and bin a WOA tracer into that grid, and uses the NearestNeighbors.jl package to decide where to bin each observation.

If you use this package, please cite it using the button at the top of this page, and cite the WOA references using the citation function or use the corresponding bibtex entries in the CITATION.bib file at the root of the GitHub repository.

Benoît Pasquier
Research Associate

My research interests include mathematics, oceanography, and computer science.